Hi,👋🏻 my name is

Kevin Toms

~ Backend Developer ~

A passionate and versatile Software Developer with a focus on building robust, scalable, and innovative solutions. Here's a glimpse into my journey and what I bring to the table.


I thrive on a diverse skill set, ranging from backend technologies like Python, Django, and Flask, to frontend frameworks like React and Vue.js. My expertise extends to cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure), containerization (Docker, Kubernetes), and database management (MySQL, NoSQL). Whether it's developing microservices, implementing machine learning algorithms with TensorFlow, or ensuring efficient CI/CD pipelines, I'm well-versed in creating end-to-end solutions.



  • AlayaCare
  • Fulcrum Technologies
  • Tata Consultancy Services

Software Developer @ AlayaCare

Location: Toronto, Canada

Period: April 2022 – Present

  • Authentication - Integration of Keycloak, an Identity service, facilitating the smooth migration of users from our databases. Also revamped the current authentication system to incorporate Keycloak. (Python, Flask, PHP)
  • Invoice Pipeline - Redesigned the invoice PDF generation pipeline with a caching layer, resulting in efficiency gains. Achieved 66% reduction in processing time, enhanced performance from 15s to 5s. (Python, Redis, Celery, S3)
  • Event System - Contributed significantly to the development of a PubSub event system, enabling 5 microservices to perform async tasks. Resulted in over 57% reduction in latency for 15+ APIs. (Python, SNS, SQS, Lambda)
  • eFAX - Developed and integrated faxing feature for patient information exchange with health authorities using Kno2 APIs, boosting company's ARR by an impressive $300K. Later optimized loading table contents from cache, reducing response time by 60% from 8s to 3s. (Python, Flask, Vue.js)